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Flower Photographer
박규진 - Kyujin Park
필명: 허밍(HUMMING)

Sometimes a flower is a reliever or a relaxer, and other times it is a messenger of the feelings of joy, gratitude, love, and so on.
For some, it even serves as a friend or a family.
A flower is beautiful as it is. 

But I have wanted to know how to better reproduce its beauty in photographs,
which will allow us to bask in its allure even when it has fallen after the short florescence.
I would like to share with you the delightful moment of facing a gorgeous flower.

< Solo Exhibition >
2017.11 Exhibition of Donated Works/Gallery 815(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Copyright Commission)

< Exhibition >
2018.08 From a Flower/Young Art Gallery, Seoul
2017.12 JOYFUL, Breathe/galleryYIAN, Daejeon
2017.10 Public Domain & Open Source SW License International Conference(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Copyright Commission)

2018  From a Flower전 - Young Art Gallery/서울 인사동
2017 JOYFUL전, 숨을 쉬다 - galleryYIAN/대전 대흥동
2017 [개인전] 박규진 기증 작품전 - 갤러리815(문화체육관광부, 한국저작권위원회)
2017 공유저작물 국제 콘퍼런스 사진전시, 코엑스 인터컨티넨탈 호텔(문화체육관광부, 한국저작권위원회)
2017 코글 플래닛 에이전트 작가
2017 대전갑천중학교 명예진로교사 위촉 강연
2017 NAVER 블로그 '허밍의 꽃사진 촬영 강좌' 연재
2016 일본 MATOME 온라인 꽃사진촬영 강좌 연재
2016 NAVER 그라폴리오 크리에이터
2016 독일 철학자 나탈리 크납의 '불확실한 날들의 철학' 사진등재(어크로스출판사)
2015 Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion  백과사전 사진등재(Berg, England)
2013 NAVER 아이템 팩토리 작가
2008 인물사진 스튜디오 작가
2005 제10회 바다의날 사진공모전 수상(해양수산부)

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